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  • Science Education

    Science Education

    Since 2001, the ProScope HR has been used in thousands of classrooms from 1st grade through universities worldwide. Free downloadable national standard curriculum, LEAD FREE, UVC Plug and Play technology, free software and 4 types of measurement and analysis software have our Oregon made ProScope HR the new measure for science education technology.

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  • Medical Fields

    Medical Fields

    From the exam room to field work and across a broad spectrum of medical practitioners, the ProScope has opened the door to digital imaging and mobility. Dermatology, Hair Replacement, Wound care, ENT, Iridology, Dental and viewing slides in the field. The ProScope has given mobility to traditional microscopy as well as analysis and real time sharing of imaging with colleagues anywhere in the world.

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  • Law Enforcement

    Law Enforcement

    Fingerprint analysis, anti-counterfeiting, document fraud, ballistics, narcotics, blood splatter pattern, accident investigation, special forces and interrogation are just a few areas where the ProScope used. 84,000 law enforcement agencies around the world rely on the ProScope world wide.

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  • Quality Inspections

    Quality Inspections

    The ProScope HR is used by all of the top manufacturers around the world from aerospace through industrial fabrics. UVC Plug and Play, RoHS compliancy and US made quality, ease of use and accurate repeatable measurement in three choices of software have made the ProScope HR the ideal choice for the demands of quality control and non-destructive testing.

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  • Proscope Image Gallery


    Sample images and comparisons actually taken with the ProScope. From 1X to 400X these images are un-retouched to show you exactly what the ProScope imager and lens will produce on your computer screen.

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  • Proscope Product Support


    Tech specs, manuals, and contact info so will always have a quick response to any questions or to resolve problems you encounter.

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  • Proscope Product Support

    Trade Up

    No matter which ProScope model you own, we have a tradeup option to keep you and your valuable ProScope lenses working for years to come.

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  • Proscope Press & Product Media

    Press & Product Media

    Read past releases, featured articles and download Hi Res ProScope product images for media and reseller use of the ProScope, ProScope HR, ProScope HR2 and ProScope Mobile.

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  • Proscope Product Support


    Some of the most noteworthy expressions of love for our ProScope.

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  • Proscope Dealers


    Find a dealer near you from the US to around the world. If you are a ProScope dealer or distributor, you will find a link to our secure online ProScope dealer ordering on this page.

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