ProScope Handheld Microscopes

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OS DevicesWorlds First USB microscope with true high resolution.

The ProScope HR entered the microscopy world in the fall of 2006 and there are now more ProScope HR models in continuous use than any other digital microscope in the world. Our US made quality is the key. All of our ProScope models are made in small batches to maintain a standard of quality worthy enough for Aerospace and sturdy enough for any classroom or crime scene investigation.

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ProScope HR

We have ProScope HR kits from basic science level 1 up to our advanced lab. Perfect for anything from classroom lessons, law enforcement, or quality inspections.

Technical Specs

ProScope HR Tech Specs & Manual

  • Image sensor: 1/4 inch high resolution
    1.3 megapixel sensor
  • Connection type: USB
  • Image capture resolutions:
    • 320x240 pixels
    • 640x480 pixels
    • 1280x1024 pixels
  • Video capture resolutions:
    • 320x240 pixels @ 30 fps
    • 640x480 pixels @ 15 fps
    • 1280x1024 pixels @ 3.75 fps


Product Description

The ProScope HR is the first true high resolution digital microscope in the world. Using a custom Aptina imager is the key to providing true resolution up to 1280X1024. Made in our facilities in Oregon, the ProScope HR has been seen on CSI, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, NCIS, Oprah, and 10 feature films since it emerged in 2006. Those first models are still solving crimes, educating students, examining patients and quality testing 39% of all technology made today.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X Yosemite Compatible
  • Windows 7 & 8 Compatible

Windows: Windows® XP service pack 2 or newer, Quicktime 7.0 or newer, DirectX 9 or newer, available USB 2 port, Pentium 4 or equivalent.

Macintosh: Mac OS 10.4.8 or newer, Quicktime 7.0 or newer, factory-installed USB 2 port, G4, G5, or Intel processor.

Instructional Video

Touch View
This video demonstrates how the ProScope can be used in Touch View.
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Distance View
This video demonstrates how the ProScope can be used in Distance View.
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Lens On / Lens Off
This video demonstrates how easy it is to remove and change the ProScope lenses.
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Microscope Connection
This video demonstrates how easy add the ProScope to most telescopes
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Cleaning the ProScope Imager

This video demonstrates how to clean the ProScope’s imager.
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