See How We’ve Helped Our Customers

Ever since people first started getting a look at the ProPrompter™ Teleprompter we have been getting glowing feedback from our customers. Here are a few examples.

We’ve just added a PRO2 to our rental inventory, and we appreciate all the enhancements over the original HDi PRO: larger mirror, larger lens opening, a redesigned case with storage for assembled hardware, and a host of small improvements that make a big difference in functionality. Our rental customers will like it even more than our first ProPrompter. Kudos to the people at Bodelin.

Dallas Prompter

Our customers really enjoy the ease of use of it. We try to rent gear that is useful, easy setup, and we really like that it came with its own hard case.

Hawaii Photo Rental

All I can say is WOW! Thanks to ProPrompter (Pocket PC) system producing “Street Beat” at CBS/UPN Detroit has become a dream come true. When we hit the streets to cover hot events, I just type my rundown into the system and BAM there it is. I highly recommend it. I don’t know how I produced a show without it!

Caroline Lancaster - CBS/UPN Detroit

The ProPrompter is terrific. It is everything you say it is. Just a few weeks after getting the system we wonder how we ever did without it. Clients are thrilled! On top of that your customer service is outstanding. Thanks for the great help.

John Marler - Marler Communications Inc.

I have had the experience of doing many hundreds of shoots with Teleprompters over the last 26 years. I fell in love with and ordered your ProPrompter at this year’s NAB. I must confess, however, that I did not expect it to be as easy to use and work as well as it does. My first job with it was using it with a man in his early sixties. He had absolutely no problem with reading the prompter and was knocked out by it’s compact size and ease of use. I use it with a Canon XL1 and a Sony TRV900 and just love the way it mounts quickly to either camera. Setup takes no time. Using a CF card, I dump .txt files from my Titanium Powerbook to be read on the PocketPC. The ProPrompter software works incredibly well with smooth clear text – and the mouse control works very, very well. Congratulations on a “killer” product.

Bill Kinnon - Managing Director, Scene by Scene®

I used ProPrompter Pocket PC this morning with NASCAR driver Jeff Burton for a ComCast commercial that will run around the Chicagoland Race in mid-July. The client brought cue cards and I thought this would be an opportune time to suggest the ProPrompter. Jeff liked it and wanted to control the mouse himself. He had it mastered in no time. Tomorrow we do the same thing for the same client with Matt Kenseth again for the Chicagoland race. Thought you might like to know how your prompter is being used. I had the unit attached to my Betacam’s 14:1 lens [85mm]. The shoot was indoors and the background is a bunch of trophies in case you want to watch for it when it airs.

Bill Barnes - Bill Barnes Video Production