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  • ProPrompter Producer

    ProPrompter Producer

    Online Script management for producer and field unit to upload and download updated and approved scripts.

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  • ProPrompter Support


    Technical support contact info and manuals for ProPrompter hardware, software and the ProPrompter app.

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  • ProPrompter Video Reviews

    Video Reviews

    Watch video reviews of the ProPrompter and related accessories from nationally known professional broadcasters.

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  • ProPrompter Testimonials


    Read what others have written about the functionality and quality of our US made ProPrompters and accessories.

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  • ProPrompter Lens Guide

    Lens Guide

    This guide was developed for the previous versions of the ProPrompter which mounted on the lens and required a step up ring to match the camera being used. If you own one of our previous models, this page may be helpful in keeping your ProPrompter working on your your camera of choice.

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  • ProPrompter Resellers


    Locate a reseller in your area from the US to around the world. If you are a current reseller, you will find a link to our secure reseller purchase site.

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