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ProPrompter PRO2 (LCD)

ProPrompter PRO2 LCD

LCD10.4" LCD with Mirror Function

ProPrompter PRO2, the finest quality mobile LCD teleprompter in the world. ProPrompter PRO2 works with the widest angle RED lenses. No vignetting. ProPrompter fits large ENG cameras down to small consumer cameras in one complete kit.

  • 5 year hardware, 1 year electronics warranty.
  • Made in Oregon.

  • Pre-Assembled to mount in seconds.
  • Custom military grade rolling case.

ProPrompter PRO2 (LCD)


Comes with a 10" VGA LCD. Fits large ENG cameras down to small consumer cameras in one complete kit. Comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

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Technical Specs

ProScope Mobile Tech Specs & Manual

  • HD-i Pro2 16x9 wide ABS hood/mirror box
  • Studio Quality 60/40 Beam Splitter Glass
  • Carbon fiber vertical adjustment rods
  • 150mm lens opening
  • Black fabric lens sock w/elastic drawstring
  • HD-i Pro2 mounting bracket w/15mm rail holes
  • Camera Bar w/thumb nut mount
  • 1/4-20 camera thumb screw
  • 4mm hex wrench
  • 10" color VGA LCD
  • ProPrompter Basic v5 software for Mac/Win
  • Black Duvetyne anti-reflection hood
  • Custom military-grade waterproof, air-tight i-Series SKB Case
  • Made in USA
Camera Mounting Guidelines
Bar Mount Guidelines (+)
Bar Mount Guides

ProPrompter camera bar and removable grip for medium to small cameras. Camera Bar and Grip are included in kit.

Rail Mount Guidelines (+)
Rail Mount Guides

Attaches to 15mm standard rails for large ENG cameras. Rails are not included.

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