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ProPrompter Desktop

Professional webcam teleprompter and eye contact for iPad, laptop webcams, external webcams and professional cameras.


  • Works with all built-in webcams, center lens external webcams, like the Logitech c920, and professional cameras like DSLR's
  • Works on laptops, desktops, iPads, and most other full size tablets
  • Provides direct eye contact for video and web-chats and prompting
  • Aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber construction for durability
  • Foldable design to easily transport in a laptop or camera bag
  • 4x5 wide studio quality 70/30 beam splitter glass
  • True 16:9 field of view for the camera and easy viewing of the script from several feet away
  • High quality, 100% Oregon-made
  • 5 year warranty

Three App/Software choices for teleprompting

Pro Prompter Studio

Among the many professional features, ProPrompter Studio can record video while prompting from the front facing camera on your iPad. This means you can read an on camera scripted report directly in your iPad using ProPrompter Desktop with the ProPrompter Studio App.

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ProPrompter Basic Software

ProPrompter software for Windows and Mac has three levels of professional quality and has been the preferred choice for use on laptop and desktop by all the major broadcasters in the world.

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Freeprompter is a web based script prompter formatted for ProPrompter Desktop and adjustable for larger views. You simply copy and paste or type your script directly into the script screen and select the scroll speed. As long as you have an internet connection, you have a FREE script prompter. Give it a try!

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