Use your iPad, iPhone, oriPod Touch as a professional teleprompter for ultimate mobility! For field reporting, corporate video, commercials, video podcasting, and speeches. Prompt anywhere you bring your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

ProPrompter Studio

Compatible with iPad, iPhone, & iPod Touch. Requires iOS 7 or later



ProPrompter Studio
  • Remote Wireless Control and recue — with a second IOS device.
  • Remote Wired Control — using Apple earphones w/remote feature or our wired remote.
  • Three Script loading methods — Email copy/paste, Dropbox/Google Docs, Direct creation.
  • Supports International language characters via text only files.
  • Customizable Script Display — Adjust the font, font size and background color of your screen.
  • Mirroring and Looping — for use with true in-lens teleprompting
  • Cue Point Recognition — use asterisks in your script to set cue points to jump forward or backward.
  • Detailed Help menu
  • Multiple remote control up to three iOS devices using a fourth as wireless remote.
  • Scroll slider for responsive speed up, slow down, and reverse scroll.
  • NEW! Record from the front facing camera while prompting. This new feature is made for use with ProPrompter Desktop.
  • Adjustable margins for proper formatting the script on your iPad for use with the new ProPrompter Desktop.

NOTE: ProPrompter Studio App and the original ProPrompter App DO NOT work together for remote control. To use the multiple remote feature of the ProPrompter Studio App, all IOS devices must be running the ProPrompter Studio App. To use the one to one remote feature of the original ProPrompter App the second IOS device must be running the original ProPrompter App.