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Kids using the ProScope HR2

ProScope Applications

There is always a yet undiscovered use for any of the ProScope models as the microscopic world is now in your hands. You can learn more about our more popular uses below.

ProScope EDU

ProScope EDU

ProScope EDU is made for science education of all levels and features a super sharp 5Mp imager, 10X to 300X zoom, finite adjustable stand, software for Windows and Mac to capture stills, video and time lapse ProScope EDU is perfect for all levels of science education and fits even the tightest budget.

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ProScope Micro Mobile Image

ProScope Micro Mobile

The first professional mobile microscope for our mobile device world. The new ProScope Micro-Mobile uses custom coated glass optics to work with your onboard camera and provide superb quality images up to 80X. Built-in LEDs adjust to reduce reflection and are powered by a sleek rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours continuous use. Made with impact resistant Nylon and ABS for years of field, lab, classroom and exam room use.

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ProScope Mobile Image

ProScope Mobile

The first Wireless Digital microscope. The ProScope Mobile creates its own Static IP network to display and capture microscopic images on all Apple IOS devices. Imagine a classroom or lecture hall filled with iPads and iPhones all seeing the same live image simultaneously.

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ProScope HR2 Image

ProScope HR2

Featuring a custom Aptina imager and the ability to adjust light intensity the ProScope HR2 will deliver images at true high resolution up to 1600X1200. Full UVC compliant so there is no foreign driver to load and will work live over the internet.

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ProScope HR Image

ProScope HR

There are more ProScope HR models still in use since 2006 than any other handheld digital microscope in the world. Like the HR2 the HR also features our custom Aptina Imager and is UVC compliant (no driver to load). True resolution up to 1280X1024.

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ProScope Case Study:

Professor MacGregor Kniseley, Professor at Rhode Island College, conducted a case study with elementary teachers representing all grade levels, Kindergarten through Grade 5. After a three-hour training, participants piloted ProScopes in their classrooms. They provided suggestions for using ProScopes in elementary classrooms and feedback about the benefits, challenges, and impact of training and materials. View the case study report. You can contact Professor Kniseley at

ProScope History

The first ProScope was created by famed Japanese inventor Masao Yamamoto CEO of Scalar Corporation. Having created the first handheld digital microscope was just the beginning as Scalar partnered with Bodelin Technologies in 2001 to explore and develop a wide variety of uses for this breakthrough technology.

By 2005 Bodelin Technologies began making a new version called the ProScope HR which was based on Mr. Yamamoto's original design yet improving the performance to work natively on Apple and Windows OS without the need of a driver. The software was updated for capturing stills, video and time lapse.

By 2008 Bodelin developed the HR2 with higher resolution and the ability to adjust LED intensity yet still utilizing the original ProScope lenses so that long time customers could easily upgrade to the newer models. Mr. Yamamoto once again turned to Bodelin to deliver the first Wireless model called the ProScope Mobile. Wireless handheld microscopy for live and captured images on 253 Apple IOS devices simultaneously.

Pete answers how to get less magnification and more working distance with the ProScope Micro Mobile.

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