ProPrompter HDi Pro2 Mobile

HDi Pro 2 iPad
Works with all version of the iPad.
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ProPrompter Desktop

ProPrompter Desktop
Professional Webcam teleprompter for iPads, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop computers.
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ProPrompter HDi Pro2 - LCD

HDi Pro 2 LCD
10" VGA LCD and Software
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ProPrompter iPad Bracket Image
ProPrompter iPhone Bracket Image

NEW ProPrompter U-Mount

Use the new ProPrompter U-Mount to attach to your tripod for off-camera or live-stage prompting. Attaches to any 1/4"-20 tripod to securely hold your mobile device.

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ProPrompter Remote Control

ProPrompter Remote Control

NEW ProPrompter Wired Remote. When wireless networks become crowded. Made specifically for iPhone, iPod touch and all versions of the iPad.

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ProPrompter SmartGrip mobile Image

ProPrompter SmartGrip mobile

A stable mount and grip for your smartphone that also mounts on any tripod.

ProPrompter SmartGrip mobile Image
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Proprompter App

ProPrompter App

Use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch as a professional teleprompter for ultimate mobility! For field reporting, corporate video, commercials, video podcasting and speeches. Prompt anywhere you bring your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Learn More

Proprompter Studio App

ProPrompter Studio App

With all the features of our original ProPrompter app plus remote control multiple iPads and also record from the front facing camera for use with ProPrompter Desktop. Learn More

Proprompter App

ProPrompter Software

ProPrompter Software come in Basic, Advanced and Professional. The ProPrompter Teleprompter software allows you to put any text into an easily controlled and window that scrolls at your natural speaking pace. The scroll pace can be adjusted with keyboard or scrolling mouse controls. Learn More



If you are online then you have a FREE online teleprompter to scroll your script. Learn More

ProPrompter, the Quality of US manufacturing.

Since 2002 we have made our ProPrompters in our facilities in Lake Oswego, Oregon. We opened the door on mobility in a smaller yet robust kit complete with software. We created the first and only pocket PC version and a small 6.5" LCD version.

The ProPrompter is terrific. It is everything you say it is... Read More
John Marler
Marler Communications Inc.

We created the first professional app and hardware for the iPhone and iPod touch and were the first to create in lens and off lens teleprompters for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Our ProPrompters have always been known for having the finest quality for any production and in any weather in the world. We are a small company with a staff of seasoned broadcast production professionals. Made in America is our badge of quality for those who want a mobile teleprompter that won't let them down.

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